Life at our startup

Coffee, coffee and more coffee. OK, sometimes we drink tea too. Caffeine and inspiration is our fuel to create something innovative.




This one keeps us going a lot: It’s better to try and fail, than to not try at all.

Our team is an interesting bunch. Some of us live, breath and dream Wizzard Race, others work full time at day jobs and dream of living and breathing Wizzard Race. Despite the challenges and difficulties of managing our time and managing our day jobs with our start-up, we love what we do.

We work and network globally, connecting offices around  the world. Although we have set goals and deadlines, we maintain that we all have the freedom of thought and everyone’s opinions matter at any point. Although not always fun, we work with army-like discipline and move according to the plan. We try to compensate and balance with occasional fun, from having barbecue days to running to the closest pub for a drink.We hope that there is more fun yet to come. But for now it’s all about the grind (pun intended).

The biggest challenge (so far) was finding talented people who are willing to commit to a startup project given the limited budget. We work hard to create a healthy team culture, inspiring people to believe in the ideas that sparked the process.

Finding initial funding to get started was another hurdle, but we overcame it successfully. Now the main challenge is to convince people (and sometimes ourselves) that our project is going to be successful and that “we will make it big” and of course, we will!

Being a startup is a choice that we have made, we have decided to give it our all for this special idea. Despite all the difficulties, life at a startup is something extraordinary, something out of this world, it’s like taking care of your own child and raising them to do good for society and add value to peoples’ everyday lives.

Follow our blog to find out more about our individual thoughts on this topic. Stay tuned!!!


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