Why is Wizzard Race so unique? Part 3

We keep saying that our game is unique and strive to prove that everyday. In our previous blog posts we introduced you to the circuit mode and timestamp mode of Wizzard Race. We are ready to present the third and final part of our series.

Here it comes!

Massacre (10)

The most anticipated of them all, we present to you, the Massacre mode.

Massacre (5)

This mode has been voted as the company favorite by our team. The Massacre mode which is the most aggressive mode of the game is full of adrenaline and battles. In this mode of the game the only possibility of collecting gold is to kill enemy racers using basic and advanced magic skills. The player who has the most kills and gets to the finish line first wins the race. Image

Throughout the game there are multiple upgrades in initial broomsticks and wondersticks and even on some magic skills of players. These upgrades will be available with the coins earned in the game and by buying with real world money.

This will be your “Wizard Journey” to perfection.


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One thought on “Why is Wizzard Race so unique? Part 3

  1. Reblogged this on WizzardRace and commented:

    As we are getting close to the launch of Wizzard Race, we thought it would be good to share some info about one of the main modes of the game, Massacre. We have also updated the screenshots in the post.

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