Competition Announcement

Pluxon Inc. is pleased to announce a call for designs for the upcoming game ‘Wizzard Race’, to be released soon. The international competition is open to all artists of all ages and nationalities. Each entry should include one or more images fitting to the theme of ‘Wizzard Race’. The winner will be chosen through voting on social media platforms. All entries must be received no later than April 11, 2014. Entrants may submit as many entries as they wish, but each entry constitutes a separate submission and requires its own original design. All entry materials must be submitted electronically by emailing By submitting an entry into the competition, the entrant is agreeing to let Pluxon Inc. post the design on its website and social media platforms for general public viewing purposes and to use in its promotional materials. Although the prize for the winner is small ($100), participants with interesting ideas will also get a chance to work with a young, energetic and successful team and become a Pluxonian.
The goal of this competition is to stimulate  artists of all ages and nationalities to think of innovative ways to promote an upcoming game.

Possible submissions can include but are not limited to:

– Drawings of any type; Hand drawings, Pencil Drawings, Oil Paintings etc

– 3D Designs

– Graphic Designs

– Logo Designs

– Images for Facebook Cover Photos

Some examples can be found on Facebook and Twitter, but please be creative and use your imagination to design something new.

Visit our website to find out more about our characters and the company:

Visit Facebook and Instagram to get an insight and to familiarize yourself with the game-art and our team.

Visit Twitter for all updates on the game and the industry.




...the wizards are coming



4 thoughts on “Competition Announcement

    • We have an artist, if you check the screenshots you will see this. This is a competition for anyone who wants to get involved with the game and the company, not about stealing people’s ideas. Thanks for your feedback.

    • We’ve already seen this and submitted a response on his FB page. This competition is for anyone who wants to get involved with the game and the company. We already have an artist who does all our gameart and designs, if you check the screenshots you will see this. Thanks for your feedback.

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