Life at the startup: One week before the launch

It is early sunday morning, while some people stay at home I have decided to spend my morning with Etta James (Sunday kind of love) and some tourists who have decided to wake up early in the morning and walk around the city.

While I observe these tourists one thing I keep thinking about is the decision making process they had before going to another country. Have you ever done that? So many options and factors to analyze before making the decision. First you look at the options then you have to choose the one based on your priorities, price, climate or political/ideological differences (Some people go to Cuba because of their communist ideology, some choose to go to Monaco to play in a casino while others go to Ibiza, well because they want to be in Ibiza).


BTW This is Ibiza for most of the people!

This decision making process follows us everywhere. The same applies to game devs.

We work tirelessly for a year or so and every month feels the final one for the release of the game. You talk to your marketing team and they plan their game accordingly. Then again the same old story. I think the image below tells the story better.

I would like to know one developer who didn’t had this issue. Show your face master!

I would like to know one developer who didn’t had this issue. Show your face master!

Believe it or not after 2 rounds of beta testing and lots of bug fixing we are through. The feedback from beta tests were positive so we have submitted the game to Apple and can’t wait to have it available on the AppStore. (not that the whole world have been waiting for this but we do have our own fans, hopefully).

However before making the decision to submit the game they were some issues that we had to consider. First, the release of iPhone 6 and its bigger brother iPhone 6 Plus was a real headache. We had to decide whether we want to support iOS 8 right now or we can launch the game without the support. There was also the android version launch date issue.

Look at these two cute brothers!

Look at these two cute brothers!

At the end here is what we have decided. Launch the game without iOS 8 support before iPhone 6 is in the stores. Have the iOS 8 support once we have the device in our hands. (Believe it or not it is ridiculously difficult to have one these days)

Launch the game on android 3 months after the initial launch of the game. Last but by no means the least, give regular updates based on user feedback.


Now you know about our plans. What is yours?

That said We would like to wish all of the game dev community out there good luck and success in your endeavours.