They all have a story

As Wizzard Race keeps getting good reviews on the App Store we wanted to share with you the stories of characters one more time. Maybe you will find connection with one of them.


Name: Flanagan
Race: Leprechaun
Age: 245 years
Height: 132 cm

Weight: 34 kg


Flannagan is a free spirit, going and doing whatever he wishes to do. Everyone knows him as the sarcastic leprechaun, who only listens to himself.  He can destroy someone with mere words though he prefers to destroy others with powerful spells and enchantments. His true purpose however, is to win the Race and not for glory or fame.

When he was young, Flannagan found a worn out journal written eons ago by his ancestor.  It described what might be the essence of the magic in Certamen. His interest grew and the little scriptures were not enough to satisfy a curious little leprechaun. So he set out on an adventure to find the full story, maybe gain a few friends and enemies along the way, strengthen his magic, have a few laughs and of course, if fame and…

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