Wizzard Race: A Grand competition every 10K years

It is a special day for us, today we finally have the launch date set. Wizzard Race will hit the AppStore on October 2nd and this is for all the marbles.


As we are about to launch our pioneer game, Wizzard Race, we thought it was the right time to give you an idea what the story behind the game is.

Wizzard Race Announcement Trailer

The good ol’ days of Gaming seem to be over

In the recent years the gaming industry grows like a baby whale grows 90 pounds every 24 hours. Around 200 hundred games with are submitted in the App Store daily of which the majority have been made within a few weeks with not much thought put into them. Some of these games do not even have a plot or story behind them. It seems like the good old days of gaming are gone, when the gamers were truly part of an amazing story. Wasn’t it better back then?

That is why from day one we strived to create something unique. We don’t want to be…

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