Startup Life: When everyone is burned out

Burnt-Out-MomWhen we first started working on Wizzard Race we were expecting to finish Wizzard Race in 7-10 months. Although we are already doing final tweaking and are almost done, it has already been 13 months since the beginning of the project. As much as we love our game, we feel physically and emotionally exhausted. Oh, if only you could take vacation and get away for a couple of weeks.. We are tired of seeing pictures of our friends on facebook hanging out on the beach or by the pool. But we realize we can’t leave until we launch the game and then we can. I mean maybe we can.. So, is there a way to avoid this? Is there a way to plan things out in such a manner that you finish everything on time?

Our good ol’ friend Dilbert has the answer

The short answer is “No”. Startups have one common trait, they last forever. Entrepreneurs often fall into deception of thinking that they can finish things on time if they plan everything out. While planning is a good thing, startups are almost guaranteed to have delays. Some things will inevitably go wrong because for most of us, it is the first time doing it all on our own. These delays are very stressful and may drain you out. You are also under constant pressure from friends and family because they keep asking you whether you are done or not. The pressure from investors makes it even worse. Although you may be confident that your product will be completed soon, any delay for an investor is a red flag and their frustration may make things more stressful.

So, how do you deal with exhaustion and startup burnout?

downloadIt is the job of the entrepreneur to keep fighting even if there is absolutely no energy left. But how do you do that if you have worked 24/7 for 12 months and not only were you working hard yourself but it was your job to motivate others around you to work even hard. On top of that, you are not making as much money as at your normal job and your friends think that you have gone crazy because all you talk to them about is wizards and brooms. The answer is again very simple. To succeed as an entrepreneur, one must have endless passion and determination. It will help you ignore all the stress and negativity around you. Sometimes, you just need  to stop, take a break, think about how cool your team is and find strength that can lift you up again. Fight on as it is too late to back down! Your idea is awesome and soon everyone will know about it. Also, it would not hurt to take a break from your team and go running or hiking sometimes. Try to spend your spare time with people other than your startup colleagues.

As the first version of Wizzard Race will soon be available, we hope that you enjoy it and that we have enough energy and passion to keep improving it. And maybe, one day we will have vacation too and then be sure to see our beach pictures on your facebook feed 🙂



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