Why is Wizzard Race so unique? Part 2

As we are getting close to the launch of Wizzard Race, we thought it would be good to share again the description of one of the main modes of the game-Timestamp. We have also updated the screenshots in the post.


In our previous blog posts we introduced you to the circuit mode of Wizzard Race, if you would like to go back and read that post click here. As the development of Wizard Race reaches the next stage we would like to present to you to the second mode of the game. Just like the first mode (Circuit mode) the second one is named accordingly and the name explains what the objective is. The second mode is called ‘timestamp’! Stamp your time in the record books and get rewarded!

The gameplay part of timestamp is played in landscape mode of the device. The timestamp mode track differs from the circuit mode track. In the circuit mode the player had to jump from one lane to another to avoid obstacles and the objective was to get to the finish line. In the timestamp mode there are no limits to the…

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