Your Startup Idea will change

When we first started Pluxon, we had read in a lot of places and heard from many people that startups experience a lot of changes and pivoting in the first phases of the development. However, for some reason, we thought that since our idea was so firm in our minds,  we would never make any major changes and keep everything as it was originally planned. Besides, we thought we had clear understanding of what our potential players/users need. Well, as time went by, we realized that our game is going to be completely different from what he had envisioned before.

Vahe (Lead Magician at Pluxon) and Hayko (3D Artist) had the idea of making a wizard competition game long before we founded Pluxon and started working on Wizzard Race. However the original concept of the game was completely different. Being inspired by Harry Potter, they wanted to make a mobile game similar to Quidditch. However, as more people with different backgrounds and perspectives joined the team, we started asking ourselves about what it is that we want to create as a team. Do we want to imitate something that has already been created by someone else, or come up with something that we can call our own?

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We had people in our team who were really into racing and suggested that instead of a wizard sports game like Quidditch, we should make a wizard racing game. And that is how the idea of Wizzard Race was born. It would be a racing game with two modes (Timestamp and Massacre)…at least that’s what we thought.

When we finally had our main idea of the game down, we started working on the script and characters. We had to change three different sets of characters until we made the ones we really liked. At this point, we were confident that we would finish Wizzard Race in 4 months as we thought we had a perfect plan


However, we were soon to find out that the pivoting adventure was not yet over.

At the time, a lot of our team members including Vahe were really into endless runner games. So, one day, while we were working on Wizzard Race, someone came up with the idea of making an endless runner with wizards. We all thought it was a cool idea and that it should be our next game. However, as the game was still in early development stage, someone from the team suggested to include in Wizzard Race as an additional mode. And, of course, no one had any objections and the plan was modified again. The idea was to include it as another mode, except it wouldn’t be an endless runner, it would be a rider (as wizards are riding on broomsticks) and it would have an end.

In a course of 10 months, Pluxon went through a series of pivots and fundamental changes. Other changes include changing the name from “Wizard Race” to “Wizzard Race”, making changes to the script and a gazillion of tweaks in the gameplay and game logic. Most of those decisions were influenced either by team members or gamers whose opinion is very important to us. Being able to quickly adapt new ideas and analyze the feedback from users requires a lot of agility and courage. Disregarding emotions you possess towards the original idea and recognizing the need to change is critical for the success of a startup.

Long story short, Be like Spock from Star Trek!

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As we are getting ready for the launch of the first version of Wizzard Race, we have already planned the introduction of subsequent updates and versions of the game. However, we also remain very focused and reactive to incorporate any signals that we would get from the market.

Although we are very much open to pivoting, we are just as passionate about our idea as we were before the journey started.


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