Life at our start-up: From bartender to game animator

We thought that our life at our start-up series had ended…but we thought wrong.

Today we want to introduce you to one of our team members whose story inspires us and proves that we are in the right industry with the right people.

Grigor is the oldest member of our team, some of us call him the 45 year old lost viking due to his aggressive (at first glance) nature. He is also the only one who’s married. He has four kids and has a BBQ at his house every Sunday.


When he was 25 he was working as a bartender and had nothing to do with gaming or animation. One day one of his clients who was an employee at an advertising firm told Grigor that they use illustrator to create animated ads. Grigor asked him to show the software while the client was having a drink at the bar. He played around a little bit and right after the client left he decided that he was going to learn illustrator. In less than a year Grigor learned 3D max, Illustrator and number of other animation softwares.

Luckily he had an understanding and supportive wife (we know that a lot of  people in gamedev find it difficult to keep the work life balance). Grigor worked for the largest gaming company in the country and even did some freelancing for Russian gaming companies. Thankfully we got in touch with him through mutual friends and he agreed to be part of our team.

Grigor’s story is a true inspiration for us as some of our team members do not have game development or programming background. His story serves us as an example of how one can always turn the things around in life and career to pursue something that they are really passionate about. Although, at the beginning he worked with us as a freelancer, we saw him as a team member from day one. We are grateful to have such a person in our team. (And his Sunday grilled steaks are to die for).

Thanks Grig

Take a look at some of Grigor’s works for Pluxon.

He made the Wizzard Race trailer
He designed the Circuit Mode level:circuit_flanagan

And our favourite…the wizards taking a stroll down Abbey Road:

abbey road

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