They all have a story

Name: Flanagan
Race: Leprechaun
Age: 245 years
Height: 132 cm

Weight: 34 kg


Flannagan is a free spirit, going and doing whatever he wishes to do. Everyone knows him as the sarcastic leprechaun, who only listens to himself.  He can destroy someone with mere words though he prefers to destroy others with powerful spells and enchantments. His true purpose however, is to win the Race and not for glory or fame.

When he was young, Flannagan found a worn out journal written eons ago by his ancestor.  It described what might be the essence of the magic in Certamen. His interest grew and the little scriptures were not enough to satisfy a curious little leprechaun. So he set out on an adventure to find the full story, maybe gain a few friends and enemies along the way, strengthen his magic, have a few laughs and of course, if fame and glory result happen to come his way, he will take that too. One more thing, if you want to get on his good side you should know that he will never decline a drink of strong Lernon Ale.

Name: Anabel
Race: Men
Age: 25
Height: 153 cm
Weight: 58 kg


She discovered magic in herself when she was a child of only five years. Anabel exploited it to dangerous degrees, resulting in numerous wildfires and deadly lightning strikes. This was tolerated until she became of age. Anabel was sent out from her sheltered village at the ripe age of 16. She soon discovered that life was clearly not a fairytale. Females were looked down upon and mistrusted, especially ones that carried even a little speck of magic. It frightened and disgusted her when she witnessed what was done to a woman who accidentally let her magic loose while out in public.

In order to stay alive, she hid her powers, appearing as an ordinary person. There were times when she went hungry for days. Once she overheard the matrons discussing the famous Race and the participants. That day her life took a new turn and her priorities changed – she had to win the Race. She had to show them that women can also carry that power. She had to prove to everyone that she was the strongest of them all.

Name: Mad Joe
Race: Men (mix Lenær)
Age: 21
Height: 192 cm
Weight: 74 kg


They called him strange, he snorted. They called him freaky, he grinned. They called him Mad, he knew he was.

From a young age, he and everyone else around him knew he was different, special. Everyone saw it, and everyone despised it. He began doing magic from this age and would create small storms with his tiny magical toddler fists, an unacceptable fate for the Royal Family of the Feth. As punishment for bursts of magic, they denied him many things. When none seemed to work, they took the most precious, his everything: his mother.

His name was Juo-Rin by birth. He became Mad Joe by fate.

A deadly assassin who has no human feelings. A killing machine who downs ale by the gallon every once in a while in an attempt to feel something…anything.

Some say he will win the Race and ravish in the feeling of winning and obtaining unbelievable power. Others claim that he has an assassination order.

Few know that the Race is just another obstacle for him.
No one, but him, knows that the Race is a chance for him to be able to hear the words his mother uttered before the last breath. It is his chance to be whole again.

Name: Marquis
Race: Unknown
Age: 47 (in human years)
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 86 kg


An aspiring doctor at heart, Marquis is the famous troublemaker in the Land of Certamen. As his wish is to heal, he sneaks into houses and seeks out the patients before they or their guardians realize he was there. He sees this as his fate, after all he is not technically a human, a leprechaun or any other known race.

He is part bird part human, so naturally, he is feared by many. His dream is to change that, make people see that he is not a monster, just a soul who wants to help. He knows his healing hands could save countless lives. And the one and the only fast way to be noticed in Certamen is to win the Race.

Name: Emah Vuir
Race: Men
Age: 29
Height: 167
Weight: 52 kg


As an archeologist, Emah always had a special interest in magic and its history, however there was little she could do but find archives and immerse herself in reading and research. But at the age of 27 quite unexpectedly she discovered that she herself carried the magic in her. Her goal became more real. She could see her way plainly as if it was drawn out in front of her.
She doesn’t need the gold or jewels or fame which are all promised to the winner of the race. She knows those material things don’t matter when there is a question of finding out the True History. That is the only jewel she needs.

Name: Louis Velmont
Race: Men
Age: 26
Height: 183cm
Weight: 74 kg


Cold and collected, prideful and calculated. He has had this drilled into him since the day he volunteered to join the Orme Betta Guards. He despises magic to his very core, even though he himself carries magic in his blood. It was the only reason he was denied entry to the Alpha guards, who frequently went out to explore the Dark and Unknown lands of Certamen and beyond. He is not a man of many words, but a man of action. To prove his capability of fully controlling the magic, Louis Velmont decided to participate in the Wizzard Race, firmly believing that he will gain all the control needed along the way. He knows that he can and will be the first man to ever ride with the Alpha. The first man since the legendary Kithaer, who will be able to have full control of his magic.

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