World Cup vs. GameDev

Football, or sports in general, may not be the most common interest for gamers or game developers, but it is for Pluxon. We don’t just like it, we are absolutely obsessed with it. FYI, it is football and not soccer as some of our American team members like to call it. That statement especially holds true during the world cup.



The World Cup is a great global event that is loved by millions of people. As a startup team, we have been both positively as well as negatively affected by it. Let’s talk about the negative side first. The thing is that World Cup has a total of 64 matches played and each lasts at least 90 minutes. That adds up to a total of 5760 minutes or 96 hours of completely watchable and exciting action in the course of a month. As a result, we have been very much distracted by football and the time spent on developing Wizzard Race has gone down…slightly.


On the positive note the World Cup has brought our team even closer together. Although we all support different teams, we really enjoy watching the games together and having a fun discussion afterwards. And thank god we haven’t had a fight over a football game…yet




Nevertheless, just like with video games, our preference in football varies from person to person. It is no surprise, as we are such an international bunch. Vahe (CEO at Pluxon) loves England which made it impossible for us to talk to him for two days after his team lost two consecutive games and were out of the tournament. Simone (Concept Art at Pluxon) is a great fan of Italy and keeps telling us how great Scuadra Azzura is. We are yet to witness that…and Pouya (3D artist) is a hardcore Iran fan and was convinced that his team played better than Argentina and only lost due to bad luck.

We also have people who are boycotting the world cup due to amount of human rights abuses which took place before, is taking place now and will continue to take place in Brazil. This team member is otherwise obsessed with Brazil and it’s culture, but when it comes to the World Cup, she even sits with her back to the screen while the other team members are watching it.

Regardless of all the unquestionable problems that the World Cup in Brazil has had, we hope that it will encourage people from all over the world to seek peace and unity as it definitely should. For all of you fellow game developers, we hope you enjoy the tournament and not let the world cup distract you from work too much as we will still need good video games when this is all over…


And for those of you who are into sports video games, check out this article about the hottest World Cup 2014 games.

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