This week from Pluxon…

We’ve had an incredibly busy and pretty fun week.

We finally finalised our icon!

(How awesome does Flanagan look?! Look at those beady eyes!)

Unfortunately we got so excited about finalising it that we missed a meeting, which brought us plummeting back down to earth. This was the first and last time that this will happen. We have to remember that although we want to celebrate our successes we have to be careful of messing up because of them. We had another meeting with a venture fund and we’re honestly not too sure how it went. Fingers crossed for another success. In terms of game development, we have been working hard to make the characters look human and so far this is what we have.

Last but not least, we finally made it out as a team. Usually half of the team is up for a night out and the other half is busy working and we never quite manage to get the whole team together, but we did it!!! There were toasts, confessions and a lot of interesting dancing. We’re hoping to keep reminding ourselves that we have to make time for down time to be able to maintain productivity.

Here we are…before all the drinks…

We’ll be doing weekly updates to keep everyone in the loop on our progress (or lack thereof).

Team Pluxon

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