Work hard, Game hard

Here are some of our favourites right now…


My favorite game right now is The Sims 3. I love the idea of being able to play the game with your own rules and create any story line you can think of, unimaginable mansions and different people. I have played all the versions of the game since it came out in 2000. I’ve seen the progress from game to game and it’s getting better with each new release, starting from the graphics, to the expanding human actions and interactions, locations and objects you can use to build your houses and decorate the interior.



The game I’m playing a lot these days is Mario Kart 8. I like this game because it is a racing game but completely different from the others (like Wizzard Race). First of all, it is possible to ruin years of friendships/relationships just because of a red shell, this game is highly competitive both against friends and against online players. It’s cool to use objects that you can find in other Nintendo games; you can dodge the turtle shells (Green shells) using Bananas from Donkey Kong games,for example,right now MK8 is one of the best games I ever played so far.



The game I am playing most at the moment is probably League of Legends. The reason I like it is because it has a lot of champions to choose from, the game style varies from game to game and so does the build I choose for the characters. The gameplay is nice and exciting and despite the typical collection of rather bad players who play in each game, I enjoy it a lot, especially when I play with friends.



Plants vs. Zombies. I’m not a hardcore gamer and occasionally play around on my iPad when I’m in the mood and have been playing Plants vs. Zombies on and off for a while now. I like that I have to think about a strategy for each new level/game. Also, I like the combination of 3D AND 2D gameart as it feels a bit more like retrogaming and I really love to play the old school stuff.



Clash of Clans is my current game of choice. The reason why I love this game is that it introduces you to a whole new world full of adventures. It includes strategizing during clan wars and everyday activities. Also, I love the fact that it’s a multiplayer game and I can play it with my friends.



My favorite game at this time is World of Warcraft , it’s not just a game , it’s another world in which you can communicate with people, find friends, spend more than 10 hours a day and still be interested in everything in the game . I have seen many relationships which started in world of warcraft . Another reason that i like this game is because this game is endless.



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