Life at our startup: Creating New Worlds

We’re continuing our “Life at our startup” series and this time we are with our 3D artist. He has been a crucial part of our team. His creativity and hard work helped us to create the world that we will share with all of you very soon. Up until now, the only thing we knew about him is that he’s from Iran. His thoughts have been inspirational for everyone at Pluxon.

I was 12 years old when I first became interested in 3D work and graphic design. My brother was a huge inspiration for me as he taught me pretty much everything I knew about designing and 3D programs at the time. But slowly but surely, I realised I was becoming more and more eager to keep learning about creating 3D worlds and I was determined to be better than my brother. The first 3D program I used was 3Ds max 3.0, a really old version which is almost nothing like what 3D artists use nowadays. Even though I was just a schoolboy, I would spend all my free time learning more about 3Ds max. I was only 16 when I did my first 3D project with an awesome team, it was an animation for the Art and Graphic University in Iran.

As I’m always looking to develop myself and my creativity I try to get involved with innovative projects. Around two months ago, I was having coffee with good friends when my friend introduced me to Vahe, the CEO of Pluxon. Vahe told me about his team and his ideas, he captured my attention when he began to talk about creating new worlds. He made me an offer I couldn’t refuse and I am happy to say that I am a fellow Pluxonian.

Other than creating new worlds, the thing which attracted me was that the project was creating new genres in mobile gaming. These days mobile games are a part of everyday life. Games affect people’s lives; the way they think, the way they act and it’s really important that this effect is positive, especially for children and young people. As children like to play games, we can use this to teach them things about life and try our best to have a positive impact on them. So games are not just some application to amuse people, they become a communication system which has an immediate effect on society.

As a kid I was inspired by various games; I was always fascinated by the spectacular designs and surreal settings which were created by the best artists around the world. When I played video games I felt and still feel like I’m on a different planet and I really try to analyse the imagination of the artist and understand how they came to create what they did. I want to have a similar affect on younger generations. If I can inspire one kid to become a 3D artist and strive to be better than me, then I will have accomplished something amazing.




For anyone who is trying to break into this industry I have some basic advice. First, try to see, try to feel and try to pay attention to everything in that field that you want to be successful in. See what other successful people did and try to do and try to copy what they did. Some people think that copying is not good and makes the mind lazy. Personally I think when you copy something you learn how the other person did it before you. When you copy several things you learn several ways to do something. In addition, you must try to copy from the most successful people. Always strive to be the best. Sometimes you will fail, but failure is a big part of success. Once you feel that you have learned everything you can from others, start to try to find your own artistic voice; your style. I believe that every person on earth has their own taste and style. You must always try to think outside the box, about things which are impossible and try to make them possible.

Be the person who fails 10 times for that one single success.



Pouya is 3D artist at Pluxon and has been our inspiration for a while now!

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