Life at our startup: Building a Team that Rocks

Growing up, I was always obsessed with rock music. I later realized that my love for rock music had a lot to do with it being generally performed by teams (bands) as opposed to solo performers. In fact, the most successful rock bands are the ones that have a collective talent and click well with each other, giving the crowd the right type of energy. And yes, you are right, I am drawing an analogy between rock bands and startup teams.


I believe that there is no single formula for building a strong startup team. It has more to do with the founders having the right attitude and assertiveness.  What happened at Pluxon is amazing as we went from 1 person to 15 in around 8 months, with an extremely low salary budget. Although I am considered as one of the founders of the company, I myself was recruited by two developers. These two were the ones who came up with the idea of Wizzard Race and had already received funding for the first version of the game.

Although I have always been into video games, I did not know anything about game development. I did finance and economics in college and was working for a consulting firm at the time. Back then, I never even thought I would be involved in a startup firm as I always viewed them as very risky and unpredictable. However, the confidence and determination of Vahe (Lead Magician/CEO at Pluxon) made me want to find out more about the project. As I kept dwelling more about the industry and the project itself, I decided I would help them with a few things and see if there was more to it. In about two weeks, I quit my consulting job and joined Pluxon.

Just as a great lead singer meets a good guitar player, Vahe and I immediately clicked and started Pluxon. Shortly after we formed the company and started the project, I invited my high school buddy and a talented marketing expert Mher (The Wisdom Wizard/Head of Marketing) to join the team. And guess what? The same thing happened to him. After spending a couple weeks with us, he quit his job and joined Pluxon and, voilà, we had our bass player!

Soon enough, our core team of 2 designers, 2 developers, 2 business dudes and a social media expert was formed. The foundation was strong but we needed more people. We started expanding the Pluxon Family. We decided that we needed to show people how great our project was, so went to coffee shops, art cafes and pubs and started talking to people about our project. As we were extremely enthusiastic and confident about our game and the project as a whole, more and more people showed interest and eventually joined the team.

As a result, we were able to build complete art and 3D design teams that became as devoted to Wizzard Race as we were. We also announced a competition, where the winner would have a chance to intern with Pluxon, we did this using our international network and were able to hire people from overseas. Our little rock band soon turned into an international orchestra where everyone knew their role.


We then went further and decided to form an advisory board comprised of experienced and intelligent industry experts. By showing our enthusiasm and devotion to the project, we were recently able to hire two advisors whose names will be announced soon.

I believe that simply having money in your pocket is not enough for building a strong team. It is more about emotions and assertiveness and making people believe in your dreams. We pride ourselves for having such a great team, and can’t wait to launch our game so you can Rock with us!



Head of Business Development/Gold Collector at Pluxon, Inc.


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