Life at our startup: Marketing Part 2

Continuing on from last week’s post on Marketing your mobile game, this week we’re talking about social media.

First thing’s first, just because you have a Facebook/Twitter (insert chosen platform) page, doesn’t make you a social media expert. Social media is a very effective tool, if used correctly. In my personal Facebook and Twitter, I have unfollowed and blocked those who update on absolutely everything that they are doing. Absolutely everything! I am not particularly bothered by what you got on sale while shopping today. I couldn’t care less.


Yet, if my friends update on significant things, or share interesting things, then I am likely to ‘like’, follow and share too. Think of your audience in the same way. They are not interested in every minute detail of your game development process or the happenings in your office/hangout, but they are interested in seeing screenshots of the gameplay and finding out about significant developments.

Another thing to point out. Timing is everything! Figure out where the majority of your audience/fans are and time your updates for them, otherwise your game will not get much attention and only a few people will know about your updates, or care. You can track your followers activity on Facebook and schedule updates accordingly. Hootsuite social media manager also has auto scheduling – so it follows when you post the most and will update according to that time – though you do have to post quite a few times before it realises your schedule.

Focus on a few social media platforms instead of spreading yourself thin. We have chosen Facebook and Twitter as our main platforms, but we also utilise Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram. Do your research and figure out which one is best for your game and how you will go about promoting it through social media. As mentioned before, no one enjoys spam. Be clever about it. Or, just don’t spam and only really update on things which are interesting for you and your audience. If unsure, ask your friends if they find your content interesting, and ask them to be brutally honest.



Remember, we are newbies, so I’m just speaking from experience. Social media takes up a lot of time and in order to succeed you have to be ready to invest that time in it. There’s a lot more to it, but these are the key points which I have found useful

Also, THIS is a gem! 

If you are a fellow Social Media Marketer then Good Luck!

Best Wishes,

Social Media Wizard


PS: unless you know a celebrity personally, don’t hassle them to promote your stuff. Do you job well and they’ll find out about you.

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