Creating Wizards Like a Boss

This week we’re talking to Vahe, the CEO of Pluxon Inc the creator of the upcoming game Wizzard Race.

Vahe, why did you decide to create a mobile game app?

First of all, I am a hardcore gamer and I think that every hardcore gamer has at one point wanted to create their own game; and I am no exception. However I never had the opportunity as I was working a full-time job elsewhere, yet the idea of making and developing games was always on my mind. At the time I didn’t have any resources – either a team or funding to create something. Given the growth of the industry and the rapid development of the market, I wanted to challenge myself and create something unique.

Where did the idea for Wizzard Race come from?

I knew I wanted to create something innovative and unique, it had to be different from existing games. I wanted to create a fantasy game with a touch of magic, so I decided to think about what kind of game I would like to play rather than what I thought the audience would like to play, as at this time I wasn’t sure if the game would go ahead and how many fans we would have. From personal experience the games that I have enjoyed playing the most have always been successful so by this theory I decided to create Wizzard Race.

What about inspiration?

I had a crush on Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. Just kidding…I think. But seriously, magic and fantasy movies made me wonder whether it would be possible to create a game with similar imagery and effects. Game physics has always been my passion, so when ideas for characters began coming to me I began working on the animation and movements of the characters, making them move and float was initially quite a challenge. But I knew that my chacaters had to be so smooth and suave that they would always get the Golden Snitch during Quidditch!

Ok, so what makes your game different from other magic fantasy games?

I realised that there were plenty of racing games, and many games based on movies, but nothing completely standalone in the same theme which had broomstick racing. I would personally love to race on a broomstick instead of a car, so I decided to create this game so that I could do it. Although there are some games which have elements of magic and racing, there are none specifically for iOS.

And funding?

Prior to investment, we didn’t have money but we decided to follow through with the idea anyway. A friend and I simply began creating it without any funding; I did the development, he did the art and we managed to make a prototype remotely and were able to attract an early stage investor. He believed in the concept, so he decided to invest. Now we have a team of 20, who are all committed to Wizzard Race.

If you could be any Wizard from the history of Wizards, who would it be?

Flanagan. If you don’t know who that is, you’ll have to play Wizzard Race to find out.


Here’s Vahe cooking up some new ideas.

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