Why is Wizzard Race so unique ? Part 1

After our previous blog post about the revolution in Ukraine we think its time to come back to the Land of Certamen where Wizards fly around on broomsticks and explain why Wizzard Race is so unique.

We believe the uniqueness of our game is that it provides a one of a kind racing game that connects the joy of racing and wizard magic. Before you even start this fascinating journey you have to choose one of our six innovative characters. Follow our blog in the future to learn more about our characters and how they became wizards.

There is a very important factor that distinguishes us from the rest. We proudly announce that our game is played in three different modes, each one of them more fun than the previous. The three gameplay modes are: circuit, time stamp, and massacre – yes its as scary as it sounds!

This time, we’ll tell you briefly about the Circuit mode.

Circuit mode is played in portrait orientation of the device, where you swipe the screen to move the characters. In this you have to complete 3 circuits of the track to win. There are three lanes in the circuit mode and you can switch from one to another by swiping across the screen.

Sounds simple, until you meet the obstacles. Each track includes a number of obstacles for players; including steel eagle, snake, brick walls. In this mode, if you do not hit any obstacles the speed will increase.

In the circuit mode the you will have the opportunity to collect gold coins, which can be used to upgrade the broomstick wizard/wonder stick, magic skills and many other mystical things.

Will he make it over that menacing eagle?


Yes, he will!

Yes, he will!

One last thing…

There is only one way to get a free life pack… its to get to the finish line!!!


One thought on “Why is Wizzard Race so unique ? Part 1

  1. Reblogged this on WizzardRace and commented:

    As we are getting close to the launch of Wizzard Race, we thought it would be good to share again the description of one of the main modes of the game-Circuit. We have also updated the screenshots in the post.

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